5 Ways to Make Friends While Traveling

Traveling is an exciting experience that introduces you to new places and ways of life. Whether you are exploring within your own backyard or on a work trip in a foreign country, your journey can be impactful. 

One of the most inspiring parts of traveling is meeting new friends from around the world. People are what transform a destination from being just another place to being an unforgettable memory. 

It isn’t always easy to make friends while traveling. Sometimes, it can be daunting knowing where to start. 

We’re here to help! 

We were once in your shoes, so we know what you’re feeling. Here are five of our tried-and-true tips for making friends while traveling. 

#1 Social apps 

Sometimes, it is challenging to make friends while on the road. Using a social app designed for meeting other travelers is a great way to overcome this obstacle. 

One handy app for matching with friends while traveling is Friendji. It’s a free app that lets you explore nearby profiles, find like-minded people, and send an emoji to match with each other. Since you don’t have to start with something super serious, you can easily break the ice and open up a conversation. 

After finding people you click with on the app, you can make plans to meet in real life. Using an app is the perfect way to find a buddy to explore your destination and feel less alone. 

If a one-on-one interaction seems a little daunting, using the meetup feature on the app makes things easier. Friendji connects you to nearby gatherings you can join. You can even set up events to find individuals interested in the same things as you.  

This social app is one of the most consistent and dynamic ways to find friends anywhere you go. 

#2 Mingle with people at your hostel and join the social events  

Hostels are ideal for making friends because almost everyone there is in the same boat as you. They are a magnet for solo travelers looking for an affordable place to stay and exciting activities. 

While not everyone there is looking to make new friends, many are. Hostels usually make it very easy because they provide common areas, group activities, and social events. 

Take advantage of these amenities while at a hostel if you want to make friends. Instead of hiding out scrolling through your phone on your bunk bed, hang out in the common room or kitchen. You are bound to initiate a conversation with someone else while there. 

Many hostels provide free walking tours for guests. That is a great way to meet new, like-minded people from all walks of life interested in traveling and exploring. 

Participate in any planned events that align with your interests to mix and mingle with others. You can use your Friendji app to alert you of any hostel gatherings or even create your own

#3 Go on a tour 

Kill two birds with one stone and discover the city while meeting other people by taking a tour. 

Some people on tours already have a group, but you’re likely to meet solo travelers looking for friends. 

There is usually downtime where you can chat with the guide and other guests. If you book a tour with a meal, you’ll have an even better chance of making friends. 

Since you are all experiencing the same place together, it gives you an easy conversation topic. You can learn a lot about other individuals from around the world while chatting with them. 

If you hit it off with other guests, invite them to explore the rest of the city with you or grab a meal together. You will probably find at least one other person interested in having someone else to dine with so that they don’t have to eat alone! 

After the tour, add your new friends on Friendji and plan some excursions together

#4 Local bars 

The local bar scene is always a classic place to meet new people. Sipping on drinks and sitting around the bar allows you to chat with the bartenders and other patrons. 

A great icebreaker is asking the bartender or locals for tips. Not only will you get some great guidance about places to see in the area, but it’s an easy conversation to start. If you’re lucky, somebody might be willing to show you their hometown. 

Another way to meet people at a bar is to go to a social event. Bars often hold events and mixers designed for interaction. If you want to exercise your language skills and meet local friends, finding a language exchange is a great way to do that.  

Many cities or hostels also have pub crawls, which are perfect social events for meeting new people. 

Don’t want to bar crawl alone? Hit up some nearby travelers using Friendji to plan a fun night out with like-minded people looking to make friends and go out. 

As with anywhere you go, make sure you stay safe and are vigilant of your drinks. 

#5 Networking

If you’re traveling for work, you might as well network and make friends at the same time! Professional events set up the perfect opportunity to mix with other people. 

Conferences are a particularly great place to meet people. That’s why you’re there in the first place, right? Many conferences offer excursions and networking opportunities for attendees. These can include city tours, mixers at local restaurants and bars, and networking events. Take advantage of these to meet other conference attendees. There are a few ways you can turn conversations into friendships while at conferences. A great way to form camaraderie is by inviting other people to go to events with you. You’ll likely find others who are alone and looking for company during activities. 

Once the conference is over, invite your new friends to explore the city with you. Plan a dinner outing or go sightseeing to explore your destination. Use your handy Friendji app to find other conference attendees looking to join your expeditions. 

When you return home, follow up and keep in touch with the people you met while traveling. 

Bottom Line 

Traveling to a new place and trying to make friends can seem daunting. Luckily, many destinations have systems in place to help you meet new people. The process doesn’t have to be so scary! 

Start by downloading the Friendji app and use it to connect with other travelers, digital nomads, remote workers, and conference-goers. Take advantage of social activities at hostels, tours, bars, and conference events to find even more friends and connect via the app.  

All of those options are a support system that will make it easier to meet people from around the world who love to travel.

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