Sticker Mule is the internet’s most “kick-ass” brand. We’re a remote team spread all over the world. Our team from top to bottom makes growth a top priority and it’s ingrained in our company culture. But most importantly, we just enjoy making customers happy and having fun while doing so.
Why you’ll like working here:
  1. Customers love our service and tell us all the time!
  1. We offer flexibility in your work day.
  1. We work at a sustainable pace to foster a non-stressful work environment.
Translators work to ensure all content is properly translated to supported languages.
Work performed
  1. Ensures translated content is concise, properly localized & updated in a timely manner.
  1. Read given material and research industry-specific terminology.
  1. Convert text and audio recordings ensuring translated content conveys the original meaning and tone.
  1. Proofread translated texts for grammar, spelling, and punctuation accuracy.
  1. Work closely with internal team members to ensure translation aligns with organizational requirements.
  1. Edit content with an eye toward maintaining its original format (e.g. font and structure).
  1. Assists advertising with translating international advertising campaigns.
  1. Maintains consistency across translations as content is updated.
Content types
  1. Website
  1. FAQs
  1. Email onboarding
  1. Email marketing
  1. Email transactional
  1. Advertising
  1. Training
  1. Video
  1. Proven work experience as a Translator, Interpreter, or similar role.
  1. Native or bilingual fluency and excellent writing skills in the following language: Japanese
  1. Experience working remotely.
  1. Excellent speaking & writing skills in 1 or more languages.
  1. Excellent proofreading skills with the ability to identify grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.
  1. Familiarity with translation apps/editors and keyword localization tools.
Bonus skills
  1. Fluent in 2 or more languages.
  1. Certification in Linguistics or relevant specialization.
  1. Monday-Friday.
  1. Part time: 3 hours per day between 9-5pm EST.
Pay and Benefits
  1. $15-$23+
  1. Work from home.
  1. Signing bonus.