What you’ll do and how you’ll make an impact:

LearnWorlds is on a mission to educate. Our powerful all-in-one platform enables trainers, educators, and enterprises to create and offer unique learning experiences. The cloud-based e-learning platform offers tailor-made solutions, from creating whole e-learning websites to author online courses as well as providing the right tools to sell them on a B2B/B2C function. In this way, Learnworlds aims to offer a holistic online learning experience. A huge emphasis is being given to creating student satisfaction and deep, lasting connections between learners and instructors.

Today, LearnWorlds has c.7500 customers in more than 130 countries and our team is fully remote.

A day in our Customer Support Squad

It’s 6am and today you have the early morning shift – too early but you’ve got this. You set yourself up with a cup of coffee and your day begins by going online on our CRM. It’s a slow start to the day luckily – most of the world is still asleep – and that gives you a chance to slowly dive into work.

You check out our support-related slack channels and see if there are any ongoing issues from last night that you need to know about. Since you are on Slack, why not say good morning to everyone? Then you start going through all open discussions with our clients that have been assigned to you. A second cup of coffee might be required before you start sending your responses.

At 9 am all of the team is on the daily support standup. You have come across a couple of cases that need to be more thoroughly investigated and you ask the team for advice on how to handle them. Problem solved, moving forward.

Back to work and you have some spare time to update one of our support resources articles. LearnWorlds product keeps evolving with new features being added every week. Interesting stuff – it never gets boring around here.

Your open cases are piling up, and work is picking up but you have everything under control. You have sent a first answer to everyone acknowledging their question straight away and you are helping them understand how our product works. You get a lot of thank yous and 5-star ratings!

There is only one client that is facing a more technical issue. You investigate and decide you need to pass this through to our 2nd layer support team and get back to them as soon as you have an answer. Oh, and one of the clients seems to have discovered a bug. That you send straight to our Software Engineering team.

People on our food slack channel are posting some yummy recipes and that reminds you: Time for a well-deserved break for a snack or early lunch.

It’s a Worlds of Learning webinar day today and we have more than 1.500 people joining! Great, you are good to go and you start answering any questions they post on Q&A while the webinar is taking place. Webinars are always super useful to us because we get a lot of feedback on our product and we also get a lot of new feature requests. You keep notes and you pass them to our Product management team. Any sales leads you to share them with our Sales Development team.

One more meeting to go before your shift ends. Our monthly support meeting is today and you get to find out everything about how the team is doing. Metrics and data are valuable, you all decide together on future targets and you are off.

It’s now 2pm. Time’s up. You can close everything down and enjoy the rest of your day. Job done and well done!


Our Customer Support team is the face of our company. This team we entrust with shaping our customers’ perceptions of who we are, how we think, what we offer and what we value. Sounds like a heavy and very important responsibility no? And it kind of is – but in its core it’s simple. Just be your awesome self, set great expectations and approach our customers honestly, personally and proactively. More specifically our ideal candidate will:

  • Master LearnWorlds e-learning software platform inside out
  • Work with customers via phone, email or chat to help them solve technical issues or advise them
  • Reply to customer enquiries with comprehensive and friendly responses, in a way that resonates with them.
  • Research, troubleshoot and gather information needed to solve customer issues
  • Write and update our support knowledge base articles & resources
  • Work closely with our QA, Sales, Product Management and Software Development team
  • Demonstrate LearnWorlds features in webinars or one-to-one demos


You can have no experience at all. But in order to succeed in this role, you need to be a service-minded, learning-sensitive individual.

  • A love for technology and a desire to always keep learning
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English
  • Empathy for our customers and for your teammates
  • An unstoppably upbeat attitude and love for working with people
  • Experience in, or keen desire to work in a startup environment
  • Strong interpersonal skills along with accuracy and efficiency when problem solving
  • 2 or more years of customer service experience (optional)
  • 2 or more years of experience with learning systems (ideal)
  • Academic studies (a plus)


  • Competitive salary
  • Private life and health insurance plan
  • 23 days of paid vacation leave per annum from year one
  • Fully remote work if you prefer to work from home
  • Culture committed to work-life balance and flexible hours for each and every employee.
  • Company laptop & monitor
  • 3 early summer Fridays
  • Personal training budget per year
  • Team educational materials and expenses, subject to management approval
  • Eligibility for any additional employee benefits that the company may provide in the future
  • Work in one of the globally top 5 e-learning courses platform
  • An opportunity to grow alongside us and shape the look and feel of tomorrow’s e-learning
  • An entrepreneurial, international, and highly motivated team with a flat hierarchy that will both challenge you and help you reach your highest potential
  • Annual company retreats (see the video of our latest retreat).