How long have you been editing your resume? You think it’s good, yet you aren’t getting much of a response from employers. If you aren’t getting to interviews, chances are something is off. It could be a number of things. Experience, messaging, branding, keywords, etc.

  • You’ve been submitting resumes for remote jobs and but not hearing back from employers about your applications.
  • You don’t know how to fully showcase your skills and experience in a modern way, and impress employers with the clean design and details.
  • You want to stand out among hundreds of candidates applying for the same job but have no idea how to do it.

Resumes are the first impression you give in the competitive remote job market. HR people look for specific skills and keywords to demonstrate that you are a good fit for the company and role. For that reason, your resume must showcase the best of you.

It’s time to turn it over to the professionals.

Let one of our certified resume writers review and improve your resume for you. Your resume audit specialist will offer comprehensive suggestions about your resume along with insights into what the Hiring Managers will want to see in order to call you for a job interview.

We will make your resume is eye-catching so that the hiring team reading it gets curious and wants to give you the attention you deserve. Thus, your chances to get hired will increase exponentially.

How does it work?

Olivia Jones, our remote work expert and hiring consultant for several startups with distributed teams, will change how you write your resume forever.

  1. You will provide your latest resume and a link to a job your are interested.
  2. Olivia will perform a complete resume audit from a hiring manager’s perspective using 4-Level Resume review process within 3 days of purchase.
  3. You will receive an email with the audit report and step-by-step instructions on what to correct along with other improvement suggestions.
  4. You will have the opportunity to edit your resume based on the audit results and correction instructions.
  5. You will send your reviewed resume to Olivia so she can give the final approval.

Premium members with audited resume have 20x times more chances to find a remote job, absolutely risk-free with our 100% money back guarantee. We will refund 100% of the resume audit service price if you do not get a remote job within 2 months.

Book your Resume Audit for $65

Not Premium yet? Premium Member with Resume Audit for $74
⭐ Your profile will be featured (styled differently and pinned at the top) within the candidates pool.
🥇 Your resume will be shown first in the applicants list and each time employers search for your skills.
🤓 You will unlock and be able to apply for hidden jobs only available for Premium members.
💌 You will be able to activate job alerts, bookmark jobs and create additional resumes.
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