Our UX Research team is designing for the global diversity of human needs, which requires us to deeply understand the behaviors of the people behind them. Meta UX researchers tackle some of the most complex challenges to gain deeper insights into how people interact with each other and the world around them, and work collaboratively to contribute new ideas to products that impact the experiences of billions of people on a global scale. We employ a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods to accomplish our goals, including surveys, focus groups, field studies, usability tests, and 1:1 interviews. We value a diverse range of perspectives and stem from many different backgrounds—geographically, educationally, philosophically. We come from industry and academia, with roots in anthropology, design research, economics, HCI, human factors, market research, political science, sociology, social computing, and social psychology, among others. Meta is looking for a UX Research Manager with research, communication and people management skills. Meta is a diverse set of products – it’s ripe for research. But figuring out the right research, the appropriate involvement, and the ideal touch points is a delicate balance, especially in a process-averse culture. What makes a good candidate? Someone who has exceptional research skills, but who also understands the balance between scrappy and rigor, and ultimately how research translates into design and product decisions. It’s not enough to answer interesting questions about user behavior; our team focuses on impact. You will oversee a team of world-class researchers across a key product vertical, and across multiple research disciplines.
UX Research Manager Responsibilities
  • Build and manage high-performing teams with researchers of different disciplines.
  • Independently manage day-to-day activities and complex situations. Identify problems and solutions around escalations.
  • Set clear expectations and goals for direct reports and collective team while holding individuals and team accountable for success.
  • Build and develop a research toolkit that extends across all levels of complexity.
  • Successfully partner with other research teams across the Meta organization.
  • Build strong relationships with other research teams at Meta to ensure a cohesive and cross-functional vision for Research at Meta.
  • Become a trusted, strategic partner to product stakeholders by communicating and demonstrating the value of user research, and by delivering insights that lead to demonstrable business value.
  • Partner with the recruiting organization to build diverse teams and inclusive environments.
  • Provide clear, actionable feedback and support to develop and grow individuals and work closely with underperformers to help them meet expectations.
  • Determine team composition, placement decisions and hiring strategy.
  • Mentor other managers (research or cross-functional) at multiple levels.
  • Resource Allocation – ensure we are always focusing on the highest priority things, focusing both on the short term needs as well as looking ahead to the next big challenge.
Minimum Qualifications
  • Bachelor’s degree or significant experience conducting UX research with meaningful business impact
  • 10+ years of experience conducting and/or studying research post-Bachelor’s degree
  • 2+ years experience directly managing, coaching and developing full-time researchers
  • Experience directly managing across different research methodologies
  • Experience directly conducting primary research (either qualitative or quantitative) end-to-end (i.e., designing, fielding, analyzing and reporting out data)
  • Experience building teams over time through hiring, growing, and retaining high-performing researchers
  • Track record of translating research into business impact
  • Experience working with a variety of cross-functional peers and stakeholders (e.g., product managers, data scientists, designers, engineers, policy, communications, marketing)
Preferred Qualifications
  • Graduate degree
  • Experience with consumer products, consumer insights, or product development
  • 2+ years of UX research experience