1. Job type: Impact volunteering

2. Job location: Gulshan, Dhaka, Bangladesh or Remote (if time difference works out for you)

3. Candidate profile: Senior or Lead full stack engineer with 3+ years of relevant work experience on the JavaScript ecosystem

4. Start date of job: 10 October 2022

5. End date of job: TBD based on your availability. Minimum of 3 months

6. Stipend package: BDT 70,000 per month

7. Additional benefits: We will provide you with an apartment to stay in one of Dhaka’s gated and secured upscale areas, cover work transport expenses and give you access to world class facilities in Dhaka

5. Working schedule: 5 days a week


Who we are: We are a software engineering bootcamp launching in Dhaka through a technology joint venture with Codeworks, the #1 coding bootcamp in Europe.

Our mission: We are an impact driven business with the mission to empower the youth in Bangladesh and uplift our local tech ecosystem. We believe that our mission if successful can potentially transform hundreds of lives, create thousands of jobs and uplift an entire ecosystem to become relevant both regionally and globally.

Who you are: Senior or lead software engineers who deeply cares about training for impact and youth empowerment. You are either on a sabbatical, gardening leave or just working remotely, are open to living in Dhaka for a few months to help us get Project Code off the ground and would like to contribute to building a future generation of amazing full stack Bangladeshi engineers.

What you’ll do: You will be a senior mentor to both our instructors and students. You will take part in teaching and training students who have joined our immersive study program, guide them through complex coding problems and project developments, and also help them become prepared for a career in technology.

Where are we based: We are based in the amazing city of Dhaka, which is the energetic capital of Bangladesh. Our campus is located in the Gulshan area, which is the diplomatic zone and where you will be spending most of your time.


1. Work experience: 3+ years of professional experience in software engineering and full stack application development.

2. Teaching experience: Any prior experience in teaching or tutoring will be highly valued but not mandatory.

3. Coding experience: Professional knowledge of the JavaScript ecosystem and the MERN and MEAN stacks (MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, Angular.js, Node.js, Vue.js, Koa.js, etc.). Other coding languages valued too.

4. Communication: Professional level of spoken and written English.

5. Leadership and Teamwork: Confidence to lead and mentor upcoming professionals. Collaborative skills to work in an agile environment.

6. Working Style: Must be organized, reliable, punctual, communicative, dedicated, and open to feedback from the students and team.


1. Guide students and instructors through structured lesson plans and help them get the most out of the course.

2. Lead and hold daily one-on-one and group exercise and coaching sessions with students and instructors.

3. Help students and instructors in real-time, through one-on-one meetings and live conversations.

4. Monitor and engage in class discussions, jumping in to help with technical challenges and participating in non-technical conversations that develop community.

5. Assist in onboarding new instructors and interviewing prospective students.

6. Marketing to prospective students and recruiting tech companies.

7. Convey a sense of enthusiasm for programming and the field of technology, software and web development that can motivate and inspire the students and the team.


1. A monthly stipend of BDT 70,000 per month.

2. Accommodation in an apartment in one of Dhaka’s upscale and secure area.

3. We will cover all travel expenses related to travelling to and from the campus.

4. Access to a world class gym and other sports facilities such as tennis, squash, swimming pool, billiard, etc.

5. An opportunity to live in one of the most energetic capitals of Asia, get an unique insight into the lives of people in Bangladesh, build together an amazing project and friends along all the way.

6. We will help you with all the visa requirements and organize airport pick-ups.

About Project Code

Project Code is an impact project in Bangladesh to bridge the gap between aspiring young tech professionals and tech companies looking for job-ready and experienced tech talents. We formed Project Code to bridge this gap, which has been largely possible due to the cooperation and joint venture with Codeworks to launch an immersive training program on software engineering in Bangladesh. This is a project which is close to our heart as we beleive that Bangladesh can be a force in technology and that we can use technology to drive the changes we need and want around us. We hope that you will consider being a part of our project.