The Product Marketing Coordinator develops specific marketing plans and activities for distinct product(s) or product line(s) to establish, enhance, or distinguish product placement within the competitive arena. This role develops business plans and product positioning in the marketplace and oversees market research, monitors competitive activity, and identifies customer needs. They establish pricing strategies. They also work with engineering and sales to develop new products or enhance existing product(s) or product line(s). Employees matched to this job support assigned product(s) or have complete responsibility for product line(s). Employees who have people management responsibilities in addition to product responsibilities should be matched to Product Marketing.

Major Responsibilities:

  • Campaign Coordination:
  • Assist in the planning, execution, and optimization of product marketing campaigns.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure seamless coordination of campaigns across various channels


  • Content Creation:
  • Develop compelling and engaging content for product marketing materials, including product descriptions, presentations, and collateral
  • Work closely with the design team to create visually appealing and on-brand materials


  • Market Research:
  • Conduct market research to stay informed about industry trends, competitor activities, and customer needs
  • Provide insights to contribute to the development of effective marketing strategies


  • Analytics and Reporting:
  • Track and analyze the performance of product marketing initiatives
  • Generate regular reports to evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns and recommend improvements


  • Cross-Functional Collaboration:
  • Collaborate with product managers, sales teams, and other departments to align marketing strategies with overall business goals
  • Act as a liaison between marketing and other teams to facilitate smooth communication and project execution


  • Communication Skills:Strong written and verbal communication skills to effectively convey product messaging and create compelling content
  • Coordination Skills:Facilitate the execution of marketing activities by coordinating closely with product management, marketing, sales, and customer success
  • Analytical Skills:Analytical mindset to interpret data, track campaign performance, and provide actionable insights for improvement
  • Market Research:Strong research skills to stay informed about industry trends, competitor activities, and customer preferences

Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Business, or a related field
  • 1+ years of experience

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