Since our founding in 2015, Codecov has evolved from a one person team to a distributed remote family. We have team members all across the world and we’re committed to building disruptive testing tools and code coverage reports that will allow developers to develop healthier code. Similar to the customers we serve, Codecov is a diverse group of curious and creative individuals. Join us on a mission to devise, validate, and oversee the creation of software testing and code coverage products.

We’re looking for a product manager who has a proven history of shipping meaningful features and improvements for the benefit of end users. Our product manager will be extremely empathy driven, and use this empathy to determine the right features and product improvements to make in order to best benefit our customers. Our product manager will also use a deep understanding of the product manager toolset to ensure features and improvements are delivered correctly, within established deadlines, and in a way that meets defined business goals and the expectations of our Codecov’s users.

You Have

  • A deep empathy for customers and a proven history of using direct customer feedback to improve a software product.
  • A proven history of working cross-functionally within an organization to deliver features that are meaningful to customers and represent the needs of all internal and external stakeholders.
  • Coordinated an end-to-end product process that has shipped non-trivial product improvements to end users.
  • Either developed or contributed to the development of a product roadmap.

You Will

  • Actively and regularly collect feedback from Codecov’s users in the form of user interviews, surveys, and passive collection from support tickets, forum posts, and the like.
  • Perform day-to-day product management activities, including: developing and contributing to feature specification documents, working with the engineering team to create JIRA Epics and Issues that properly reflect upcoming product improvements and features.
  • Coordinate with internal stakeholders to ensure product improvements are aligned with Codecov’s own business goals and objectives.
  • Work closely with other members of Codecov’s product management team to ensure that Codecov’s product direction is moving forward cohesively and with limited bottlenecks.
  • Directly and meaningfully impact Codecov’s product offering by serving as a product owner for one or more of Codecov’s core product areas.