Vana is creating a system for everyone to immerse themselves in their digital likeness and unleash their creative potential through generative AI. You can try out to get a sense of the early experience. We are a small team that got started out of MIT and have raised $20M from top VCs.

For more information, see our hiring FAQ.

The problem

Generative AI is breaking all the rules – blurring the lines between creator and consumer, between data and output, between code and art. Amidst this revolution is something truly beautiful: you. At Vana, we’re a community working together to harness the power of AI and data, to unleash its creative potential to explore our digital selves.

By now, each of us has a digital fingerprint. A web of interlinked data is woven from every key tapped, step tracked, or photo taken in our lifetime. Combining this fingerprint with generative AI give us the power to scale ourselves exponentially, augmenting ourselves with amazing out of this world abilities.

About the Role:

Team Summary: 

Reporting to the COO of Vana, you will be the business partner for all things Brand and Marketing. Working closely with the C-suite and other managers, you’ll be responsible for bringing new data owners and data builders into the Vana community.

Current projects they might be working on: 

– GTM for Vana Explore product launch

– Setting up better analytics

– Designing engagement campaigns for new users

Future roadmap/vision: 

Vana’s brand resonates with a diverse cross-section of millennials and GenZ. Our brand is coveted and our services are on-trend for newly influential people. Vana’s brand is ubiquitous and synonymous with youth, fun, diversity, discovery, and impact. We run awesome campaigns and programs that attract diverse user groups to our product suite.

You Will: (Responsibilities)

  • Ensure that Vana’s brand is resonating strongly with Vana’s target audiences and oversee Brand updates and expansion in collaboration with Vana’s C-Suite.
  • Develop and execute bold marketing campaigns, initiatives and brand positioning across all touch points (Social, Search/SEO/SEM, eDMs, website, Organic & Cold Advertising and Affiliate/Influencer marketing) to attract a range of audiences to the Vana brand.
  • Oversee the development of innovative content that catches the attention of target audiences while remaining aligned with Vana’s brand.
  • Generate some content, while also efficiently managing a suite of content creators, to ensure the development of high-quality output in the most efficient and effective manner.
  • Oversee the development of systems that allow Vana to make data-led decisions in brand and marketing, including the development of tracking tools, core metrics, and dashboards.
  • Exercise strong cross-functional and management and leadership skills at all times, including the maintenance of efficient systems, documentation, and communication.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • 3+ yrs experience in a B2C marketing role where you developed campaigns and generated content for digital products
  • Strong industry connections
  • An impressive portfolio of content or projects that you have personally overseen or contributed towards

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience with digital products, Web3/Crypto is a plus
  • Experience at an early-stage start-up
  • Experience with running targeted campaigns toward niche groups
  • Bachelors degree in something relevant

What we offer

We are building a foundational piece of the user-owned internet and would love for you to be a part of our team. We are a diverse group of driven, smart, and ambitious individuals, constantly challenging each other to grow, learn and iterate faster. We are experts across our fields and experienced entrepreneurs looking to scale our success in something deeply mission-driven.

For more information, see our Vana Hiring FAQ [External].

At Vana, we are big on collaboration and supporting each other to learn, grow, and excel in our individual pursuits. In addition to joining the Vana family, the successful candidate will receive:

– A competitive base salary

– A generous benefits package including health insurance, dental and vision

– Flexible work schedule

– Unlimited PTO