Remote GitHub is where the world builds software. GitHub Education offers students real-world experience learning to build software with free access to the best developer tools from GitHub and GitHub’s partners. GitHub Education has helped millions of students, of all ages, all over the world, begin their developer journey. With no global standard for academic verification, our challenge is to provide every student everywhere an equal opportunity to participate — without allowing bad actors motivated by greed to endanger our ability to continue providing students this opportunity.

About Us

The mission of GitHub Education’s Honor Roll academic verification team is to ensure that legitimate students worldwide can experience the valuable academic benefits provided by GitHub and our many partners, while stopping bad actors seeking to exploit those benefits for their own profit. As a research analyst within GitHub Education’s Honor Roll academic verification team you will investigate new schools for key details considered in academic verification, monitor and suggest improvements to the Honor Roll academic verification system to keep bad actors out without raising the barrier of entry too high for legitimate students, and create and perform research projects designed to detect and prevent abuse at scale. You will collaborate with other GitHub teams, including GitHub Platform Health and GitHub Support. You will oversee contractors supplementing your work as necessary, and assist GitHub Education engineers testing new Honor Roll features. GitHub Education’s Honor Roll academic verification team is self-driven and autonomous while being highly collaborative. This is a talented team that values learning, work-life balance, and solving interesting problems. The team’s strength lies in the culture of high trust and empathy in which we operate; and genuine joy in the work we do and people we work with.

What We Value

• Collaboration: We believe the best work is done together.
• Empathy: We believe in putting people first.
• Quality: We believe in setting the standard for excellence.
• Positive Impact: We believe in making the world a better place through our work.
• Shipping: We believe in an iterative approach to continued improvement.


• Investigating queues of schools new to the Honor Roll academic verification system.
• Researching Honor Roll outcomes to ensure that every legitimate student continues to have a path to successful verification.
• Identifying and communicating observations of emerging bad actor campaigns and behaviors.
• Brainstorming ideas for future improvements to Honor Roll.
• Collaborating with Platform Health, Support, Education Engineering and other GitHub teams as appropriate.
• Training and overseeing contractors assisting the team.

Minimum Qualifications

• Strong written and verbal communication skills.
• 1-3 years relevant experience.
• Self-starter who works well without direct supervision.
• Previous experience performing academic verification.

Preferred Qualifications

• Experience working remotely.