Eventbrite is evolving beyond a Creator SaaS tool to become a full-fledged events marketplace. This pivotal change calls for a Director of Growth Marketing with a robust understanding of both B2B and B2C strategies. Your challenge is to navigate our diverse, dynamic marketplace with strategies that are as locally nuanced as they are globally expansive. This role demands more than traditional growth marketing; it’s about connecting with influencers and individuals, creating moments that matter, and amplifying them. You will be the driving force behind this evolution, leveraging data-driven insights and innovative automation to spearhead our growth.


The Growth Marketing team at Eventbrite is a seasoned and geographically diverse group of performance, B2B, and account marketers located across the US and Europe. As the Director of Growth Marketing, you’ll be at the helm of this talented team who bring a wealth of experience and local insights. Collaboration extends beyond the team to include key partnerships with Sales, Product, Finance, Design, and Data departments, ensuring a measurably impactful approach to unified growth strategies.

In this role, you’re tasked not just with channel optimization but with revolutionizing what marketing and growth activation mean in local creator and consumer contexts. You’ll lead the charge in evolving our mission, transitioning from traditional channel-based tactics to a broader, more impactful mix of marketing initiatives. Your leadership will empower the team to explore and implement innovative ways to engage and grow local markets, turning every campaign into an opportunity to connect with and understand our diverse audience.


As the Director of Growth Marketing at Eventbrite, your mission is to revolutionize our approach to growth marketing. You’ll be transitioning from traditional campaign methods to cutting-edge, data-driven strategies. Here’s what you’ll be focusing on:

  • Strategic Oversight: Develop and implement a comprehensive growth marketing plan that seamlessly blends B2B and B2C strategies, with a strong emphasis on leveraging AI and automation for deeper insights and efficiency.
  • Performance Marketing Innovation: Lead the performance marketing team in deploying sophisticated channel strategies. This includes managing paid media, OTT, SEM, social media, and influencer marketing, ensuring each channel contributes effectively to our overall goals.
  • Lead Generation Evolution: Direct the demand generation team to refine lead identification, scoring, qualification, and nurturing processes. Your goal is to ensure a consistent supply of high-quality leads that sync with our dynamic marketplace.
  • Local and Global Management: Create marketing strategies that strike the right chord both globally and locally. Each campaign should be informed by data and tailored creatively to meet diverse audience needs.
  • Cross-Functional Collaboration: Engage with Brand, Product, Sales, Data, and Design teams. As a central figure, you’ll align marketing efforts with broader business objectives, fostering unity and coherence across different departments.
  • Leadership in Data and Automation: Harness the power of AI and automation to enhance our marketing processes. Your focus is on achieving efficiency and impactful engagement that resonates with our varied audience.
  • Creative Automation and Scaling: Implement tools for creative automation, enabling dynamic generation and optimization of ad creatives. These should align with the diverse preferences of our audience, ensuring relevance and appeal.

Team Management and Development: Guide and develop a geographically dispersed team. As a leader, you’ll cultivate a culture of innovation and excellence, steering the team through the constantly evolving digital marketing landscape.


  • Seasoned Manager: At least 13 years of experience in marketing and data management, ideally in high-growth tech companies or consultancies, demonstrating a strong track record in strategic planning and execution and team leadership.
  • Data Native: You live and breathe data. Writing SQL queries or quality-assuring data pipelines isn’t just second nature to you; it’s something you relish. You understand how to use data to inform marketing and growth strategies effectively.
  • Sales and Quality Scoring Acumen: Deep experience working hand-in-hand with sales teams, focusing on quality scoring and understanding the nuances of managing numerous small creators while aligning with a robust sales force.
  • Adaptability in a Changing Landscape: Comfort with the fast-paced, ever-changing world of data and privacy. You understand that measurement is becoming increasingly challenging yet crucial, and you’re adept at navigating these complexities.
  • Culture of Experimentation: Proven track record of fostering and leading a culture of experimentation, continuously testing, learning, and adapting to optimize performance.
  • C-Level and Financial Savvy: You’re experienced in managing C-level partnerships and have a firm grasp of financials. You can speak the language of both your operational team and the leadership team, bridging gaps and aligning objectives.
  • Right and Left Brain Interest: The second you close Tableau you’re eager to dive in with the creative team to come up with new concepts and approaches together. We want a cross functional team, not stakeholders.
  • Local Marketplace and Global Expansion: Experience with local marketplace dynamics is highly desirable, with global expansion experience a close second. Your insights and strategies should span across different regions and cultures, understanding the unique challenges and opportunities each presents.


  • Deep passion for live experiences and a creative, problem-solving mindset.
  • A blend of strategic vision and hands-on execution, capable of inspiring and leading a team and not shy to get in the weeds with them
  • Past entrepreneurial experience working on your own startup or side project
  • Fun-loving attitude, and sense of humor to maintain levity on the team


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