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About The Role

The Director of Customer Operations at plays a crucial role in managing
the complete customer journey, from onboarding to growth. Tasked with leading a team
of support agents and coaches, this position focuses on ensuring customer success and
satisfaction. Embodying a customer-first mentality, the director is committed to
enhancing the customer experience across all touchpoints, with a strong emphasis on
data-driven decision-making and action-oriented leadership to drive improvements and
achieve results.

This role requires a hands-on approach to daily operations, emphasizing the importance
of diving into details and working closely with the team to foster a culture of
accountability and continuous improvement. By leveraging insights from data and
customer feedback, the Director of Customer Operations implements strategies that
boost customer satisfaction, Net Promoter Score (NPS), and overall happiness.


Comprehensive Oversight and Collaboration:

  • Directly oversee Coaching, Support, and Onboarding functions, ensuring a cohesive strategy that aligns with overall business goals and enhances customer success and experience (CX).
  • Collaborate closely with Marketing and Sales & Product to identify and implement strategies that improve the entire customer lifecycle, from acquisition through retention and upsell.

Process Optimization and Strategic Improvements:

  • Conduct thorough reviews of current processes across customer success functions, identifying areas for strategic improvement and providing actionable recommendations.
  • Serve as a critical liaison between customer success teams and executive management, facilitating the flow of information and setting clear expectations for performance enhancements across the board.
  • Forecast and anticipate the growing needs of the team(s), ensuring accurate head count for scale and proper customer coverage.
  • Proactively collaborate with the development and product team to test new features and enhancements based on collected insights from the customers.

Direct Involvement and Strategic Collaboration:

  • Actively engage in customer success operations, from onboarding processes to customer support interactions, ensuring a seamless and high-quality customer experience.
  • Forge strong partnerships with Product, Sales, and Marketing to enhance the onboarding experience, demonstrating a hands-on approach to problem-solving and process optimization.
  • Execute project management protocols, determining critical factors required to support customer goals and successfully guide team(s) focused on regular customer delivery ensuring positive results

Documentation and Metrics:

  • Document all significant changes and results achieved within the customer success domain, ensuring transparency and accountability for all initiatives undertaken.
  • Define and set the appropriate metrics and KPIs for the Customer Success team, ensuring all team members are aligned on key performance indicators that drive business growth and customer satisfaction.
  • Standard operating procedures (SOPs) resonate deeply with you; you meticulously document everything, making certain that a process is in place for each task.

Hands-On Team Leadership:

  • Lead by example, demonstrating a willingness to engage directly in customer success activities, from resolving complex customer issues to optimizing internal processes.
  • Provide hands-on coaching and development, working closely with team members on specific cases, sharing expertise, and directly contributing to the team’s learning and success.
  • Oversee the development of training programs and playbooks for Coaching, Onboarding, and Support teams which improve the customer experience, support strong customer lifetime value, enable growth, and drive increased efficiency.
  • Recruit, mentor, retain, and inspire a high-performance team.


  • Sets ambitious goals and is committed to not only meeting but exceeding expectations through strategic planning and execution.
  • Exhibits a relentless pursuit of success, with a track record of delivering results in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Utilizes feedback and performance metrics to continually refine strategies and approaches, ensuring the achievement of organizational objectives.


  • 8+ years experience in customer success management (or similar) with direct reports.
  • 3+ years experience in a B2C SaaS or Service Company.
  • Experience in a startup environment is preferred.
  • Demonstrated experience in a leadership role within Customer Success, with a strong emphasis on direct, hands-on involvement in strategy and execution.
  • Expertise in customer experience with a proven record of developing customer-facing strategies to drive customer satisfaction, retention, and growth.
  • Proven ability to review, recommend, and implement process improvements that enhance customer success outcomes.
  • Strong communication skills, with the capability to serve as a liaison between teams and executive leadership, ensuring alignment and driving strategic improvements.
  • Experience collaborating with product development to integrate customer feedback into tangible product enhancements.
  • Expertise in defining, tracking, and driving performance against key metrics and KPIs relevant to customer success and experience.
  • Technical proficiency with customer success platforms (e.g., Intercom, Zendesk) and a keen interest in leveraging technology to enhance customer experiences.
  • Excellent organizational and project management skills.
  • Willingness to travel and to participate in remote meetings for stakeholders in other time zones.


At, our dedication to our mission and core values isn’t just talk; it’s reflected in how we treat our team. We believe in nurturing our employees’ well-being, supporting their families, and empowering them to contribute to their communities. Here’s how we stand out:

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  • We encourage learning, growth, and continuous improvement and create meaningful programs to support our employees’ professional development
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