HubSpot’s Business Technology (BizTech) team is passionate about helping the business scale efficiently with systems and automation. From 2016 to 2021, our revenue grew by more than 4.5X to $1.3 billion. When you’re growing that quickly the only constants are change and new scaling challenges.

BizTech is HubSpot’s internal business systems team. We make HubSpot operate better. While we primarily do this with creative implementations of best-in-class SaaS tools, we often find that their out-of-the-box capabilities aren’t as good as our vision. In this day and age, we firmly believe that managing and scaling business systems requires a strong technical competency in addition to strong business partnership skills and great execution.

We are looking for a senior leader who can help HubSpot grow the next 5X+ by shaping a high performing business systems team. Every company is different, so here’s what this means to us.

As an internal business systems team, many of the initiatives we work on could be called business process engineering projects. In short, we need to design a new way of doing something. Those projects often involve a combination of 3rd party SaaS (some platform, some point solution), iPaaS (primarily Workato), analytics tools, and sometimes our own HubSpot product.

On Day 1, this role will be responsible for leading the BizTech teams that partner with our G&A functions (such as finance, accounting, procurement, legal, and recruiting) as well as our automation center of excellence.

We are looking for someone with a track record of thriving in multi-faceted leadership roles. This role requires a mix of skills:

  • Technical – what principles govern how we build things for scale and interoperability?
  • Business partnerships – how do we continuously earn the right to enable critical business objectives?
  • Excellent strategic judgment – how do we decide what to focus on?
  • High performance team building – how do we build a strong, inclusive team?

Our successful senior leaders have these things in common: they develop strategic partnerships with their peers and executives across the business; they behave like owners, taking full responsibility for their domain; they translate their vision into achievable goals and execute reliably; and they build and coach high performing and inclusive teams.

In this role, you’ll get to:

  • Partner with leaders across the business, from executive business partners to peers across the business
  • Shape the next chapter of BizTech’s evolution into a technical team that’s remarkable at engineering and delivering large, end-to-end business processes
  • Work on solving scaling and efficiency challenges across HubSpot’s G&A teams
  • Focus on long term agility and velocity; as much as we want to run HubSpot well in 2023, we need to set ourselves up for success in 2026 and beyond
  • Empower the team to succeed by:
    • Overcommunicating our mission and vision
    • Overcommunicating expectations and what success looks like
    • Coaching and developing our people
    • Framing problems in the right light
    • Cultivating a psychologically safe and inclusive team culture
  • Partner with the Business Technology leadership team to steer our work and maximize our impact on HubSpot

We’re looking for people who have:

  • Strong, demonstrable experience leading systems or technical teams through the phases of growth we’re getting ready to face (from ~10,000 to ~25,000+ employees)
  • Operationalized a strategy and guardrails for managing large, complex systems environments
  • Extensive experience working with and being accountable to executive partners and stakeholders
  • Deep and broad subject matter expertise across various facets of Business Technology / Process Engineering / Product Development / Data & Analytics. In particular:
    • Experience being responsible for important strategic decisions about how their prior companies set up their systems teams for success.
    • Deep understanding of tried & true best practices paired with experience tailoring approaches to be highly successful within a prior company’s unique context.
  • Coached team members to become successful leaders
  • A deep understanding of how to create a team culture that balances urgency with high quality and sustainable work
  • Confidence delivering clear, direct and actionable feedback and won’t shy away from confronting difficult situations
    • And, a high level of comfort receiving direct and actionable feedback
  • Already invested in their own development to become an inclusive leader and team member

Cash compensation range: [190,000]-[285,000] USD annually.