As a Customer Success Associate you are the main point of contact for providing strategic guidance to our customers. You will work with our customers to outline their key performance metrics and assist them in utilizing our platform to communicate with and retain their patients, manage their practice’s workflow, and help them reach their digital marketing goals. A Customer Success Associate must be a keen problem solver who can think quickly on their feet, while having the ability to diagnose customer issues, formulate a strategy and deliver results. Customer Success Associates are self-starters who thrive in a fast-paced environment and are confident to take control of customer conversations and provide clear guidance on how the customer can accomplish their goals. You will work collaboratively with a team to close proactive playbooks and inbound requests, while building long-term value-based relationships.

Your Area of Focus

  • You will partner with Marketing, Product and additional Customer Success teams to test the effectiveness of new initiatives and provide continual customer feedback and workflow optimization opportunities
  • Your pod will collectively manage a client base that consists of over 2,000 individual accounts and will conduct strategic outreach focused on adoption, retention and revenue drivers
  • Collaborate with your pod to ensure all supported accounts are adopting and progressing towards full utilization of the application, coupled with high NPS and CSAT scores and minimal churn
  • Your pod will utilize one-to-many programs to drive value for your client base and educate them on new products, best practices and industry trends
  • Your pod will be responsible for achieving a Gross Customer Retention goal each quarter along with an upsell goal focused on increasing the revenue of your client base
  • In addition to your pod’s revenue goals, you will be held responsible for personal upsell goals on a quarterly basis
  • You will be required to develop a thoughtful and personalized plan, leveraging your deep understanding of our application and your client base
  • Leverage your product and customer knowledge to ensure all conversations are tailored to the needs of the client and all open action items and critical gaps are documented and resolved in a timely manner

Your Professional Qualifications

  • 1-3 years experience leading client projects or solving complex problems
  • A passion for energetic and fast-paced environments
  • Self-learner who thrives in the opportunity to take initiative
  • Demonstrated ability to quickly learn and adapt to new technologies
  • Clear communicator with the ability to breakdown complex topics and formulate digestible solutions
  • You have a proven track record for quickly and intimately learning new solutions, in addition to identifying creative and strategic solutions that help your clients grow and accomplish their goals
  • Continued training opportunities provided throughout your tenure will ensure you remain a subject matter expert of our solution and provide your clients with strategic guidance and creative solutions to help them meet their digital marketing goals