ModSquad has partnered with multiple top tier brands and clients across the globe and we need the best of the best for our Content Marketing Manager!


This is a full-time exempt level position

What You’ll Do:

You’ll be responsible for planning, developing, and implementing our content pipeline.

You’ll strategize and project manage, but mostly you’ll be writing!

We’re looking for someone to write typical B2B content – blog posts, case studies, email, e-books, etc. – that doesn’t read like your typical (terrible) B2B content. And you’ll do this while avoiding all the traps and tropes common to the genre. You’ll resist the easy cliche, the empty jargon, and the overwrought sentence. You’ll aim for more than vapid generalizations and sophomoric insights. You’ll write things that are clear and conversational, interesting and useful.

Who You Are, Ideally:

  • Knows how to tell a story. About anything.
  • Presents ideas in a coherent, logical order.
  • Knows how to write effectively for skimmers.
  • Values verbs over adjectives. Is suspicious of adverbs.
  • Resuscitates sentences using the Paramedic Method.
  • Has read Revising Prose more than once.
  • Has read Several Short Sentences About Writing and has … thoughts.
  • Can diagram a sentence.
  • Writes in a way that, when read aloud, sounds natural.
  • Questions terms such as ‘B2B’ and ‘content’.
  • Is curious and can find something interesting in any topic.
  • Is already thinking about how to improve this job description.

Content Marketing Skills + Responsibilities:

  • The desire and ability to become an expert in the services and products we sell
  • Experience developing and implementing content strategy
  • Expertise using content publishing tools such as MailChimp and WordPress
  • Impeccable project management and QA skills
  • SEO expertise from optimizing web content to keyword research and targeting
  • Develops KPIs and tracks to them through Google Analytics, Pardot, Salesforce reporting

Additional Info:

  • You’ll report to the CMO and closely collaborate with the whole marketing team including the head of editorial, and the demand generation, design, and social media teams. You’ll also work with other departments such as sales and people ops.
  • ModSquad is primarily a remote company and we’re a distributed team. This is a remote position.
  • Collaboration tools include Slack, Google Docs, and Asana.

What You’ll Need:

  • Evidence of what you have done and that you can do each aspect of the job.
  • Ideal candidates would have a bachelor’s degree and experience in content marketing.
  • What matters most is your ability to write. It’s what you’ll be doing 80% of the time.
  • We’d love for you to have all the typical desirable traits you find in job descriptions. You’re collaborative and know how to accept and apply feedback. You’re detail oriented and have a strong work ethic.
  • Industry experience (see “About ModSquad”) and/or familiarity with web development (HTML, CSS, Markdown, Github) would be helpful.

How to Apply:

  • We strongly encourage a cover letter. (You’re a writer, right? Write!) Please include writing samples.