The Global Nielsen Media Client Service & Sales team provides modern and effective services that meet client needs quicker, while giving Nielsen more control over how we service our clients. We will create capacity to elevate the work we do with clients to focus on market impact and business growth. We are at the forefront of customer experience and become an agent of change as we embrace automation to navigate the complex needs of our industry and continue to be the industry leader

Nielsen Local Media | Client Support Associate

Location: Remote

Description of Role

This role supports the client service and sales team for Nielsen Local Media. This role supports fully half of the sales and service teams in Local Media, or 25+ associates. This role is foundational to keep client service organized with product access for clients, contract management, travel, budgeting and Salesforce maintenance, communications support and more.

Job Responsibilities

Attend all-hands meetings to stay current on innovations, products and company news

Provide team support on service requests, Salesforce tickets and requests, client access requests, client reports, budgeting, travel, expenses

Provide individual support to team leaders as needed

High-Level Responsibilities

Google products: gmail, google meeting, google sheets, google docs

Office products: word, excel, powerpoint, budgeting

Excellent organization skills

Time management and ability to prioritize

Presentation skills – slide production and communication abilities

Additional Skills / Experience Required

Flexibility, ability to quickly respond to clients and associates

Good humor and resourcefulness

Revenue responsibility

This role supports half of the Local CS team & is linked to ~$200M in Nielsen revenue.