Hubspot is on a mission to create radical improvements in internal efficiency through smart system design and powerful automation capabilities. Our Business Technology team is not only responsible for delivering many of those efficiency improvements, but also for providing platform capabilities that other internal systems teams can use to improve their own functions. This role will sit in close proximity to a few of our internal systems teams, including our Intelligent Automation Team. This team manages Workato, which is used by more than 150 automation analysts & developers across HubSpot. Over time we plan to offer a broader portfolio of automation capabilities.

We are looking for a Enterprise Systems Architect with remarkable technical acumen to ensure that we make scalable long-term decisions about solution design, implementation, reliability, and ongoing management. This role will establish architectural standards and guidelines and will be directly involved in the design and review of automation solutions. This is a new position and our first Enterprise Systems Architect. We expect it to have needle-moving impact and influence.

This role will not have people management responsibilities.

This role is expected to: 

  • Demonstrate excellent technical judgment in determining how we solve business problems.
    • In addition to detailed technical designs, this also includes higher level decisions on when we buy 3rd party software, when we use iPaaS or low code solutions, when we build custom software, and everything in between.
  • Create and demonstrate ownership of architectural standards and guidelines that ensure we consistently deliver scalable, reliable, effective, and optimized solutions.
  • Ensure that the solutions built on our platform or by us are high quality and pose low risk of disrupting critical business processes.
  • Be responsible and accountable for increasing this team’s impact on our business.
  • Be hands-on. This role will write software, configure systems, write documents, analyze data, etc.
  • Develop a deep understanding of many varied internal processes and develop effective partnerships with constituents across the business and our team.
    • That includes business leaders, software engineers, automation engineers, business systems analysts, functional operations staff, data analysts, and more.

We are looking for candidates who: 

  • Are hands-on technologists: engineers who have built many varieties of large scale systems and are proficient in one or more programming languages, e.g. Java, Python.
  • Care deeply about solving internal scaling problems and removing friction from employees’ work.
  • Have personally made the final decisions about how large systems would be built (includes decisions on build vs. buy vs. outsource) and lived with the outcomes.
  • Have deep hands-on experience with common architectural principles and patterns such as microservices and event driven architecture.
  • Understand that data is key to scalable systems and have deep experience in data modeling.
  • Understand infrastructure and cloud computing platforms.
  • Have implemented and evolved DevOps practices.
  • Are experts on current gen technology – from iPaaS to low code to generative AI.
  • Are fast learners.
  • Can communicate exceptionally well with technical and non-technical folks alike.
  • Have experience driving change within their organizations.

Cash compensation range: 140000-223000 USD Annually

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