Superside is seeking an Associate Creative Director (Brand & Marketing Design) to lead parts of our Marketing Creative and Brand & Design team. You’ll be developing the visual identity of our brand and spearheading advertising campaigns that effectively promote Superside. Your expertise will be key in creating compelling visuals, establishing a cohesive brand design system, and crafting high-quality static and motion design assets.

Reporting to the Director of Brand and Marketing Creative, you will guide brand storytelling and leverage data for design decisions as well as mentor your team and promote a culture of creative innovation and excellence.

What you’ll do

  • Spearhead the creative evolution of our brand and the execution of high-impact marketing campaigns, spanning both digital and traditional channels, including print
  • Analyze briefs from the marketing team to extract key creative insights
  • Drive the formation of a creative vision that is true to our brand, incorporating elements of storytelling, design, and innovative advertising
  • Lead and inspire the marketing creative team to produce top-tier designs and trendsetting creative work
  • Conceptualize and oversee the production of creative elements tailored for omnichannel/integrated campaigns, aiming to boost brand awareness and engagement
  • Stay intimately connected with current trends in media, marketing, competitive activities, and consumer behaviors
  • Confidently present your work and ideas, managing projects to consistently raise our creative standards, enhance performance, and resonate with our audience
  • Collaborate closely with the VP of Marketing, Marketing Project Manager, the wider marketing team, in-house designers, animators, and external media partners

What You’ll Need to Succeed

  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Art, Design, Psychology, or Communications
  • 5-8 years of relevant experience, with at least 3 years in a senior role within an in-house Marketing or Brand team
  • Exceptional English verbal and written communication skills, with the ability to present ideas and facilitate discussions in large groups
  • A deep passion for creativity and design, encompassing everything from conceptual thinking to final output, including digital advertising, illustration, and motion design
  • A portfolio that showcases your ability to think on a grand scale and a high level of design craftsmanship
  • Self-motivation to excel in a remote environment, with the skills necessary to build trust and lead teams
  • Proficient hands-on design skills, with a must-have expertise in using Figma
  • Experience in leading and executing major 360 campaigns with multiple touchpoints
  • The ability to articulate and drive your vision across teams
  • A customer-centric, detail-oriented, and enthusiastic approach to work
  • A keen understanding of current market and design trends
  • The ability to juggle multiple projects with efficiency, maintaining an organized and detail-focused approach

Our biggest challenge right now

  • In our current phase of expansion, our primary focus is on maturing and further developing our brand, fostering effective collaboration within the team, and creating outstanding designs that support campaigns pivotal to our company’s growth. Our Marketing team is poised to adopt a more sophisticated and structured approach to creative development, with a particular emphasis on enhancing our brand and boosting our internal advertising capabilities.

Superside’s vision is to create more equal opportunities globally by accelerating the world’s transition to online work. With that in mind, we’ve built a natively remote company enabling us to attract the best talent no matter where they are.

Need more convincing? Here’s a skimmable, non-exhaustive list of reasons to join us:

– A global community of 200+ best-in-class creatives working from more than 60 different countries

– Flexible working hours and fully remote setup. We’ve been remote from day one. No weird office legacy

– A high-pace, high-energy, and high-performance environment

– Trusting, ego-free, and truth-seeking team members

– Pioneering the future of work with a fair, friendly, and supportive community. We’re pretty proud of this one

– The opportunity to build an international career through creative mentorship from top design leaders. We – grow, you grow

– Work closely with leading global brands on a wide variety of creative projects. We’re talking about Amazon, Meta, Twitch, LVMH, Puma, Shopify, and others

About Superside

Superside is the leading Creative-as-a-Service (CaaS) company that helps over 450 ambitious brands get great design and creative done at scale.

With our design subscription service, marketing and creative teams can unbottleneck design, move faster and drive more reliable creative performance. We help the world’s leading companies like Google, Meta, Amazon, Salesforce, Red Bull and Boston Consulting Group with advertising creative, brand design, video production and more. No longer chained to over-taxed in-house creative teams, our customers reduce costs and move quickly with infinite scale.