Remote work has experienced an incredible growth over the past 5 years as workers and companies from all over the world realize that there are so many benefits of embracing a distributed workforce. For instance, hiring remotely allows your company to recruit the best candidates for the job regardless of location, to save money on office overhead, to focus on productivity rather than “face time”, to support a better work-life balance for your team, and the list goes on. In short, remote work can make your company healthier and more successful.

But when it comes to health within a remote organization, having a fully equipped health insurance that works for all your global employees is very important. With that in mind, SafetyWing has launched a solution called “Remote Health“, a medical insurance for a truly global workforce.

Now, your employees can work from any country they choose, all while keeping their insurance. For the first time, remote companies can cover all of their employees or contractors under one flexible and easily manageable insurance product, no matter where they live or travel/move to. Remote Health insurance works globally and whether they are on a full-time salary, a part-time contract or somewhere in between. It really doesn’t matter because it’s flexible and it can be scaled as your team grows.

Remote Health is a carefully negotiated insurance plan specifically for remote teams. Companies can also include dental coverage, maternity coverage, and additional wellness care like screenings and vaccinations to ensure that you have the perfect insurance for your company. All combined with a dedicated support team available to you 24/7 from day one.

Premium coverage for remote teams that works in 200+ countries!

* Remote Health is not available for Americans living in USA and Canadians in Canada.
* Pricing: check out the estimated monthly fee per member of your company age 18-39.