Customer support at Trello is different.

To start with, we let our customers decide if they want to pay us or not. Seriously. If our customers are not amazingly happy, they get their money back with no questions asked.

Our support specialists have an incredible amount of autonomy in determining how best to contribute their talents and skills to Trello. Will a short video help customers get started? They can make it. Need to write a script to help a customer with the API? They can go for it. There’s plenty of room for creativity and technical exploration when it comes to better serving our customers. You’ll be there to help encourage them and develop them beyond the traditional role of support specialist.

The other side of support is working with the other teams at Trello. All of our teams—engineering, marketing, sales, etc—benefit from support’s role in working directly with customers. It is support’s job to figure out how we can serve them as effectively as possible.

For example, when working with the engineering team, support needs to know when a bug can stay under the radar versus when they should sound the alarm. Relationship building, prioritization of projects and super-effective communication, all while being remote from each other, will be a major part of your work.

We are looking for a leader that can continue to grow and foster this dynamic team of individuals in always being both customer champions, and striving to create the change that they seek. If that sounds like you, then you’ve found the opportunity that you’ve been waiting for.

In this role you will…

  • Lead a team of high performing, customer-focused support specialists (located all over the world) that provide legendary support to our customers
  • Experiment with new methods to help customers, whether that be with new tools, self-help options, or entirely new channels.
  • Develop strategies 6-12 months out that lead to increased customer success & adoption of Trello, higher satisfaction or better product quality
  • Coach team members on how to best use their time out of the queue to drive projects/initiatives that improve customer experience & scale the support team
  • Foster deep relationships with product, design & engineering leads so that support is acknowledged as a key driver of product improvement/quality and customer insight.
  • Manage daily operations including hiring, planning, assigning, and directing work; regular performance feedback, case reviews and career development
  • Review and analyze key business metrics (or create them when they don’t exist) to showcase positive trends and identify areas of improvement

More about you

On your first day, we’d love for you to have…

  • Management experience leading customer facing high volume support teams for 4+ years
  • A passion for servicing customers
  • Have a strong sense of accountability and quality; you are a person that is not comfortable with mediocre
  • Experience managing team members that are remote and located in different timezones/cultures.
  • Strong leadership and coaching skills
  • Experience working with SaaS companies
  • Experience coaching support or operational people to drive projects or initiatives (not to be underestimated, its difficult to switch between operations and projects).
  • Strong judgment, decision-making, drive and insightful analytic skills; being process oriented but with flexibility to know when the process needs to change or evolve
  • Ability to prioritize work and assess risk, while delivering a high-quality customer experience with an appropriate level of urgency
  • Exceptional soft skills for coaching opportunities with the team as well as both internal and external communications via phone, video conferences, presentations, and published blogs

More about our team

We challenge one another every day and hold ourselves accountable for our work as well as our customer’s overall success. We all enjoy the interactions with the customers, problem-solving, digging into complex issues, and actively championing for customers within Atlassian. We wake up every morning asking ourselves how we can improve the customer’s experience, the quality of our product, the quality of our support system, or our individual weaknesses. We are not scared of challenges, nor do we back down or get deterred by tough problems.

When problems seem the hardest we are at our best, working harder for the root cause and a solution. We are a combination of passion and persistence. We feel that through our roles we can positively impact millions of end-users and their experience with Atlassian products. We believe we can add significant value to the business by listening to the customer, transforming customer wants and needs into actions, and championing their short-term issues and long-term needs throughout the organization.

Our team is transparent, respectful, focused, and filled with individuals of many different backgrounds and talents located around the globe, and we’re all about providing legendary service to our customers.

We welcome all applicants regardless of race, color, ethnicity, actual or perceived sexual identity, gender identity, gender expression, economic status, ability, disability, religious beliefs or disbeliefs, national origin, age, military service eligibility, veteran status, marital status, parental status, or caregiver status.