Are you passionate about social media marketing? Are you looking for an opportunity to grow creatively and professionally? We are looking for a marketing and social media specialist with demonstrated expertise in social media, marketing, and PR. This hire will be responsible for managing and innovating all social media and content activities of the client.

Job Responsibilities & Expectations

  • Develop and run social media campaigns and strategies to increase client & applicant engagement.
  • Ensure brand consistency by crafting catchy captions and branded messages for social media posts.
  • Schedule social media posts daily and send detailed weekly and monthly reports on social media traction.
  • Strategize ways to generate client and applicant leads using social media.
  • Expand the social media presence of CrewBloom and its leadership team into new social media platforms, plus increases presence on existing platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Research and monitor the activity of company competitors.
  • Manage SEO & PPC partnership.
  • Manage the production of graphic content or marketing materials such as leaflets, videos, flyers, posters, and newsletters.

What We Need From You

  • At least 2 years of experience in Social Media Marketing.
  • Must have excellent aesthetics and a love for witty communication to be able to create compelling communications & branded materials (press release, articles, social media captions, newsletters, etc).
  • Proficient in Canva or in using other design platforms.
  • Proficient in using Hootsuite or other similar platforms.
  • Experience in running social media ads (Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn).
  • Experience in organizing events (e.g. press launch) and securing speaking engagements is preferred but not required.


  • $640-$800 USD/month
  • Paid Training

Important Note:

This job requires the use of a time-tracking tool to monitor productivity. If you are not comfortable using this tool, please do not apply. Thank you.