You’re the bridge within every company you’ve ever represented. When a customer meets you, they’re encountering everyone else on the team – which is why you’re absolutely crucial!

Customers feel heard by you, and we want you to feel heard too.

Are you ready to dig into your strength of sales, and work with a company who doesn’t want you to compromise your values to hit your targets?

We love people, and need to hire someone who does too! Unboxing Marketing is entirely new to the marketplace and we’re excited to onboard someone who can bridge the gap between customers and our unique methodology.

Who the heck is Unpop-d?

Unpop-d helps increase product unboxing videos for product-based businesses who need creative marketing solutions in an era of Facebook ads. We encourage businesses to break free from cookie-cutter marketing techniques and look into longer-term solutions with a higher ROI. So many product-based businesses are relying heavily on marketing techniques that don’t work, and icky-feeling sales-y “tricks.”

Unpop-d methodology is brand-spankin’-new, and consumers don’t always do well with change. We need a warm spirit to introduce them to Unboxing Marketing, and win over their hearts.

Ready to join our innovative company?

Why we need you…

  • How do we generate creative leads/sales without being icky?! Unpop-d offers a new, creative marketing solution – we should approach leads the same way.
  • We work intentionally, and strategically. Organization and territory management must be done the same way!

Here’s what success looks like…

  • Engaging potential customers by selling the Unboxing Experience in a digestible way.
  • Nurturing existing accounts and establishing new leads by planning and organizing daily work to call on existing or potential sales outlets.
  • Adjusting sales strategies by assessing conversion rates.
  • Keeping management informed by submitting activity and results reports, such as daily call reports, weekly work plans, and monthly and annual territory analyses.
  • Monitoring competition by gathering current marketplace information.
  • Recommending changes in products, service, and policy by evaluating results and competitive developments.
  • Maintaining professional and technical knowledge.
  • Contributing to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.

You’re slammin’ at…

  1. Self-confidence, and product sales experience!
  2. Ability to organize, manage, and communicate upon multiple projects simultaneously.
  3. Self-motivated, detail-oriented and driven by sales goals.
  4. Receptive of constructive criticism, and open-minded.
  5. A heart for people, and closing skills.

What we can do for you…


  • $50 Starbucks card reload a month.
  • Core values that promote work-life balance.

Our Promises

  1. We promise to lead you and honor your leadership in your career field,
  2. To challenge you with healthy debate and creative discussion,
  3. And to set you up for success.

Unpop-d began as a vision to fulfill market needs and create freedom to build the lives we want. Now, we’re inviting you to this experience! Do you want to get on-board with all this? Apply now!

About Unpop-d

Marketing that satisfies. We bring product-based businesses closer to their goals with creative packaging design + marketing solutions.