CloudBees is a globally distributed company with approaching 400 employees in over 15 countries working together to build the world’s first end-to-end continuous software delivery system. As every company in the world is becoming a software company, and as software delivery practices evolve from slow, infrequent releases toward continuous delivery supported by CI/CD, DevOps practices and the cloud, this new software category will become the most mission critical new business system in the modern enterprise.

Jenkins is one of the most widely known and heavily used CI/CD solutions and continues to be used in all areas of the software industry. At CloudBees, many of our customers rely on our Jenkins expertise and package offerings to help them run their business. Needless to say, Jenkins and its vast plugin ecosystem is a critical necessity for CloudBees and its customers success.


  • Facilitate initiatives and  the operation of open source communities such as Jenkins and Jenkins X
  • Help identify, reach out to and onboard potential new participants and collaborators
  • Collaborate with product, documentation and engineering to facilitate interactions with open source communities and attract collaborators
  • Mentor new community participants
  • Promote our open source activities via social media channels and blog posts
  • Help organize and run open source community events
  • Work on technical projects such as extensions, apps and other integrations with the open source codebase
  • Speak about your work at open source conferences


  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent problem solving skills
  • Self motivated, consensus-building attitude
  • Ability to work successfully as a member of a remote team
  • Background using Git and other relevant developer tools such as Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery systems, planning tools and IDEs.
  • Experience with open source software development practices, community building and outreach
  • History of technical contributions to existing open source projects


  • Highly competitive benefits and vacation
  • Ability to work for one of the fastest growing companies with some of the most talented people in the industry
  • Team Outings
  • Fun, Hardworking and Casual Environment
  • Endless Growth Opportunities


  • We build our business on Jenkins by offering enterprise solutions (CloudBees Core) and professional services, our customers range from the blue chips to small innovative companies
  • We work on various projects in different areas. We are flexible about changing teams and assignments according to the interest and passion of engineers.
  • We offer an attractive benefits package including stock options.

We truly believe that the more diverse we are, the better we serve our customers. A global community like Jenkins demands a global focus from CloudBees. Organizations with greater diversity—gender, racial, ethnic, and global—are stronger partners to their customers. Whether by creating more innovative products, or better understanding our worldwide customers, or establishing a stronger cross-section of cultural leadership skills, diversity strengthens all aspects of the CloudBees organization.

In the technology industry, diversity creates a competitive advantage. CloudBees customers demand technologies from us that solve their software development, and therefore their business problems, so that they can better serve their own customers. CloudBees attributes much of its success to its worldwide work force and commitment to global diversity, which opens our proprietary software to innovative ideas from anywhere. Along the way, we have witnessed firsthand how employees, partners, and customers with diverse perspectives and experiences contribute to creative problem solving and better solutions for our customers and their businesses.