The Wikimedia Foundation is looking for a Movement Advocacy Community Manager. This position will report to one of our Lead Public Policy Managers in the Legal Department’s Public Policy Team, and be responsible for  organizing and activating the Wikimedia community to advocate for open knowledge. You will help increase engagement among a wider community of Wikimedia volunteers, and strengthen Wikimedia’s ability to influence policy development around the world. In this role, you will work closely with the Communications Team, Wikimedia volunteers, and external partners to communicate complex policy positions to a broad and passionate volunteer community.

You are responsible for:

  • Share the Foundation’s advocacy agenda with the Wikimedia community;
  • Increase Wikimedia’s ability to influence policy through grassroots campaigns that promote free knowledge;
  • Bring volunteer energy to lawmakers to protect and promote open knowledge and the Wikimedia mission;
  • Effectively communicate and generate enthusiasm for Foundation policy positions with Wikimedia’s volunteer community;
  • Develop messaging strategies and actions that focus volunteers’ desire to change the world towards high-impact forums and audiences;
  • Speak directly to the volunteer community in a wide variety of media and forums;
  • Communicate community goals and insights to lawmakers and other policy stakeholders, through written and online material.
  • Work with the rest of the Public Policy Team to keep up-to-date changes to laws and regulations that affect the rights of Wikimedia users, freedom of expression, and free knowledge;
  • Working with the Communications Team to relay complex policy issues to the volunteer community in ways that are relevant and meaningful to them;

Skills and Experience

  • B.A. or equivalent degree;
  • 4 years’ professional experience in advocacy campaigns, or grassroots or community organizing;
  • Demonstrated understanding of internet law and policy, in at least one (preferably more) of the following: intermediary liability, copyright, privacy and/or freedom of expression;
  • Knowledge of US or EU legislative processes;
  • Ability to communicate with motivated grassroots volunteers as well as newer editors and Wikimedia users.

Qualities that are important to us

  • Appreciation for and alignment with Wikimedia’s mission;
  • The ability to adapt large-scale plans to changes in the news environment;
  • Strong interpersonal and collaboration skills and ability to work well on a team and in coalitions with different types of partners.

Additionally, we’d love it if you have:

  • Significant experience with the Wikimedia community;
  • Fluency in multiple languages;
  • Familiarity with legislative and regulatory processes in non-US or EU jurisdictions;
  • Direct experience with legislative or regulatory processes.