Get paid to photograph and visit unique places.

We’re looking for experienced outdoor and lifestyle photographers to join our nationwide community of Hipcamp Photographers. Stay at Hipcamp properties for free while earning extra cash for the photos you take and the experiences you make.

How does the Hipcamp Photography Program work?

Hipcamp Photographers stay at private Hipcamp properties (for free!) to photograph them—photographers first claim their own assignments from a list available only to Hipcamp Photographers, book the Hipcamp for the date they’d like to shoot, then visit or stay overnight at the campgrounds to capture tent campsites, yurts, cabins, treehouses, and the overall experience of adventuring in the area.

Do Hipcamp Photographers get to bring friends on assignment?

Absolutely. We encourage our photographers to bring respectful friends and campers on assignments. As a Hipcamp Photographer, we want you to experience the land to its fullest, and we believe this is best done with friends and family. Note: Hipcamp Hosts’ occupancy rules still apply—only bring as many friends as are allowed.

How much do Hipcamp Photographers get paid?

As a Hipcamp Photographer, you have full control of your own earnings! Upload 15-20 photos, a recommendation, and a review, and you’ll get paid $75–$100 per assignment. There is no maximum for assignments a photographer can claim, though we ask that Hipcamp Photographers only claim as many assignments as they can commit to completing thoughtfully.

This is not a full-time position. Hipcamp Photographers are independent contractors.