As the Head of Product Marketing at Tray.io, you will build the story of how automation is changing the nature of work…for the better, rally the market towards Tray.io, and enable the entire organization to win.


  • Hire, manage, and motivate a growing product marketing team to do great work
  • Keep your finger on the pulse of the market with market research and intelligence
  • Develop and evangelize the emerging general automation platform category
  • Position all product lines
  • Usher in a new pricing model into the marketplace that is based on success, not access
  • Provide exceptional sales enablement that helps us win
  • Provide the buyer insights necessary to launch impactful integrated campaigns by partnering with the entire marketing team
  • Collaborate closely with product management and sales on cross-functional initiatives
  • Launch a steady stream of products

EXPERIENCE Requirements 


  1. 5++ years experience in leading product marketing for a high-growth B2B SaaS company
  2. Smart cutting edge leader whose team loves working for them. Experience leading PMMs
  3. Functional depth, ability to sense where the market is going and rally the team around that.


  1. Has directly contributed towards the growth of a b2b SaaS company during the 10-100M stage
    • Enterprise not as relevant as other growth inflection points (ie 100 to 250 better than 1b to 1.1)
  2. Deeply technical aptitude and understanding of APIs, integrations, and workflow automation and proven ability to communicate complex products to a broader audience that includes line-of-business and technical buyers.