At Vero, we help businesses deliver better customer experiences. The Vero messaging platform enables marketers and engineers to work together to track, store, and organise their data and workflows – to deliver customers relevant, personalized and helpful email and push messages. Our customers include Monzo, Unsplash, Tidal, Helloprint, Pipedrive, and Thread.

We are looking for a professional content writer or journalist to produce two in-depth blog posts per month for our marketing and data-engineering audience. We’d love someone to join our team on an on-going contract basis, who can produce engaging content that will support our customers in achieving their goals, and effectively communicate the benefits and solutions Vero provides.

We will provide the research, an in-depth brief and access to a company style guide. Our marketing, engineering, product and support teams will be on hand to help and provide input whenever you need it, particularly for posts or articles with a technical focus.


  • Clear, professional writing tone
  • Ability to write to a fortnightly deadline
  • Working knowledge of SEO
  • Understanding of data-driven email marketing, SaaS/tech industry and terminology

If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you! Please apply and attach three relevant examples of your work with your CV/Resume. We also have a short writing task.


  • Regular, well paid work

2x posts per month (~2,000 words per article) for $1,000 (AUD)/ $700 (USD)/ £550 (GBP)

  • Remote working – any location!

Our head office is in Sydney but more than half of the team work remotely from places across the globe – Florida, Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Hong Kong, Seattle, Portugal, Brisbane and more.