AngelList is looking for a writer to help out our marketing efforts.

This role would have a single responsibility to start out— writing the weekly newsletter. Here’s our current cadence:

  • Tuesday: pitching topics to the team
  • Wednesday: writing a first draft
  • Thursday: incorporating feedback from editors and sending it out

If there’s a fit, there’s an opportunity to take on a broader content development role at AngelList.

What we’re looking for

We don’t have any hard experience requirements, but it’s likely that you’ve been publishing your writing for 2+ years, and at least some of that content has been about the technology industry.

We’re looking for the following skills:

  • General writing ability. You can turn thoughts into coherent words quickly.
  • Creativity. You understand your audience and can brainstorm topics that will capture their attention.
  • Understanding of the tech industry. That’s what you’ll be writing about, after all.
  • Self-management skills. We’ll expect that you can meet deadlines.

Include in your application

In your application, please submit the following:

  • Links to writing samples that you’ve published. These should be something you’re proud of that showcase your writing skills.
  • 3-5 pitches for the AngelList newsletter. We’re defining a pitch as a subject line and a 50 word description of the content.