We set out on a mission in 2018 with one goal in mind: to expand perspectives through the wonder of learning. To accomplish this goal we knew that we had to make learning fun. From the start, we’ve known that the email inbox has the power to spark curiosity, and from that curiosity to inspire learning in an engaging, immersive way. We believe that learning is how we grow as individuals and more deeply connect to each other.

The Likemind team shares four core values, lived daily by each of us: radical connection, insatiable curiosity, intentional intrepidness and infectious optimism. Living these values, we are able to operate seamlessly as a distributed workforce, working collaboratively around the world.

Joining Likemind is simple: just be curious. Go with our learners on a journey that blends education and fun, igniting an opportunity to learn a fact, discover a passion, and share a story. It’s our way of connecting a vast community and striving to make the world – both online and IRL – a brighter place.

We are Likemind.

Join the wonder.

Inboxlab’s Commerce Editor will report to the Director of Commerce, and help our growing Commerce team introduce useful products and money-saving deals subscribers interacting with Inboxlab’s brands across all verticals. Additionally, the Commerce Editor will be a key stakeholder in the development and rollout of new brands that will improve our subscribers’ lives by informing purchase decisions across a variety of product categories.

This position will operate remotely and interact with our hubs in Denver, LA, New York and Buenos Aires.


  • Pitch, develop, write, and publish product recommendation content (ranging from roundups, to reviews, to how-to guides, and anything in between) endemic to the house styles of multiple Inboxlab brands.
  • Discover interesting new products, acquire samples, and write reviews of the stuff that’s actually worth buying.
  • Assist in editing freelance contributions and managing freelance relationships.
  • Create daily email newsletters to deliver the best deals and products to our subscribers’ inboxes, with an eye for detail and precise copy editing.
  • Assist the Business Development Manager in identifying key retailers and advocating for the reader by securing exclusive deals on the best products.
  • Pitch and brainstorm new franchises, stand-alone pieces, gamified content and brand expansion ideas.
  • Ensure that the reader’s interest always comes first in commerce content.
  • Assist in the development, strategy setting, and daily content creation for Inboxlab’s commerce social media channels.
  • Research, develop and implement strategies to drive more engagement on commerce content across brands.
  • A/B test written and visual content to optimize click-thru, open rates, and other key metrics.
  • Implement SEO content strategies to help drive organic traffic


  • Exemplary written and verbal communication skills
  • Superior copy-editing, line-editing and top-editing skills
  • The ability to discern a good deal from a fake deal
  • Bachelor’s Degree in writing, communications, marketing, or other related fields
  • Working knowledge of email marketing strategies
  • Deep passion and familiarity in some product categories, but with an insatiable curiosity to learn about others
  • Intermediate design knowledge and familiarity with Photoshop
  • Willingness to learn new technology, software, and tools as Inboxlab’s capabilities evolve
  • Intuitive understanding of social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube
  • Keen awareness for what makes content viral (images for social, article titles, etc…)
  • Experience with online CMS software (WordPress, Ghost, or similar)
  • Ability to tackle assignments with acute attention to detail and ability to avoid any errors or typos
  • Ability to stay organized and tackle multiple tasks at a time
  • This position will operate remotely and interact with our hubs in Denver, LA, New York and Buenos Aires


At Likemind we aim to provide equal opportunity for all. We are firm believers in the strength of diversity and aim to build teams of individuals that offer unique perspectives, come from different backgrounds and challenge each other to be better every day!