We heard you might be looking for a new opportunity! Cartloop might be the perfect stop for you. Just in case you haven’t heard, growing an ecommerce brand often equals with automating human communication (we’re looking at you, chat bots). But automation means losing a key piece of the shopping experience: a meaningful connection with customers.

Cartloop is an ecommerce startup that’s changing the way people interact with brands. Instead of automated messages (or chat bots), we are helping brands grow independently by adding the human touch throughout the entire shopping experience. The coolest thing is we are growing quickly and possibly have the perfect position for you.

Team and culture

Cartloop is helping brands win the hearts of their customers by providing a tool that creates personal relationships at scale. To provide a missing pillar of core eCommerce experience, we’re building a team of people who are ready to take on some of the most interesting challenges in the industry.

Here are some of our core values to give you a sense of who we are as a team:

  • Ownership. We do meaningful work and we own it 100%. We share wins with the team and take individual responsibility when things don’t pan out. It takes courage to take responsibility even in the face of failure. Be an owner and you’ll thrive here.
  • Autonomy. We have the ability to unblock ourselves, search for answers before asking for help, and make reasonable decisions within our scope without seeking consensus from others.
  • Customer-first. We understand our customers and optimize to build the best product for them.
  • Product-driven. We’re on a mission to building a best-in-class product that will power millions of brands.
  • Great communication. We prefer an async way of working with a focus on deep work vs. endless meetings and politics.
  • Efficiency. Too many meetings, repetitive tasks, things that simply don’t make a difference. We say no to those.
  • Impact. We take our work seriously. We’re a small squad on a mission to change ecommerce for the better.

About CoS The Role

The Chief of Staff’s mission is to make Andrei, our CEO a Superhero and amplify everyone else around us. You will safeguard Andrei’s time, sort through the noise, set priorities, and have visibility at the highest levels of the company, including his day-to-day. It’s a pivotal role as you have the broadest view of the entire organization in action, and you’re uniquely positioned to connect the dots across different functions. On top of all, you will be building connections to senior leadership, exposure to the VC community, and other key stakeholders in our space.

What you’ll do

  • You will be a strategic prioritization compass. You will ensure that resources get directed towards the right priorities.
  • Keeping Andrei (CEO) accountable for commitments, while helping keep reports accountable for results.
  • Attend internal and external meetings with Andrei (CEO), providing synthesis, analysis, takeaways and feedback to Andrei and other stakeholders.
  • Have foresight before everyone else. Be the eyes and ears of the company, proactively discover gaps in the processes, uncover issues and work towards solving/optimizing them.
  • Lead and improve Cartloop’s operational cadence, including Town Halls, weekly leadership meetings, and Board meetings based on the stage of the organization. Create and prepare materials for meetings and follow-through on outcomes/decisions.
  • Research, build, and deploy company-wide OKRs and pass them down to leadership.
  • Actively maintain and update our Notion workspace, employee handbook, async and sync communication practices.
  • Lead the initiatives to build adhesion between our remote team members such as remote social events, fun stuff that gets people excited about being part of the team.
  • Update financial models, create reports, prepare monthly investor updates, write memos.
  • Show proactivity: manage special projects and ongoing operations such as hiring, customer interviews, market research, developing various processes.

Who you are

This role has no specific requirements around education level, years of experience, or discipline of study. However, this is considered a leadership position at the company and candidates will be expected to demonstrate relevant expertise and operational maturity as part of the interview process. This will be embodied in the traits below.

  • You need to communicate incredibly well both written and verbally: Your outputs will need to create motivation and clarity across all stakeholders.
  • You are able to switch context with ease and stay extremely well organized.
  • You have general business analysis skills: It’s helpful to know how to put a good deck or memo together, build a financial model or do data analysis with SQL.
  • You have great interpersonal skills: You’ll work with a lot of people. It’s important you can build trusted relationships with them efficiently.
  • You operate with extreme transparency and candor, which enables you to participate in hard conversations and navigate conflict resolution adeptly.
  • You are a generalist infinite learner. You are ever curious and motivated to expand your depth of knowledge.
  • You have an ability to “zoom in and out” in strategic discussions, ensuring we never lose sight of north star priorities but applying scrutiny to the details that will lead us there.
  • You measure your success in outcomes, not spotlights. You thrive at making your company and its leaders the hero, even when it means deflecting attention and praise away from yourself.
  • Your work ethic has been shaped by demanding but rewarding work environments where diverse workloads and unpredictable schedules are commonplace.
  • You are fluent in English (mandatory).

Impress us even further

  • You have a management consulting background.
  • You have an understanding of venture capital markets and the economics of venture-backed startups.
  • You have worked at high-growth startups.
  • You have worked in remote environments.


💰 Competitive salary and opportunity for stock option packages

🌎 Fully remote company and culture

☕️ Flexible work schedule

🏖 Unlimited paid time off

📚 Get up to $1000 of learning material (includes books, courses, training sessions)

Why join Cartloop?

🚀 Lots of room for you to grow your career and create impact

🙏 Join a company where ownership, autonomy and low ego are core beliefs

🙌 Work with a talented team from which you’ll learn a lot

😍 You’re helping make ecommerce less transactional and more human

⚡️ High-impact role, as you apply your expertise and contribute on all areas of our business