We are currently looking for bi-lingual natives of various languages (GERMAN, DUTCH, JAPANESE, NORDIC languages, KOREAN, INDONESIAN, THAI) with a high proficiency in English. English, as the second language needs to be spoken on a high level (C2 or native level) in order to allow for communication on a professional level. You should feel comfortable conduction calls and presentations in either language. If you are a bi-lingual speaker, are interested in working as a freelancer on a project basis with the best-known consulting companies globally, you might be interested.


Pay for the first 20 project days is ca. 150€ to 220€ per day, subsequent project days usually between 165€ to 250€, after ca. 60 project days it’s between 250€ to 400€/day.

Here is who we are and what we do

We are the Start-Up company BELL & HOLMES. We are a completely remotely working company with a team dispersed across all continents (currently with team members located in 20 countries). We are looking for people supporting us on the following type of projects in which we are looking for a durable partnership with you:

Bell & Holmes is hired on a project basis by it’s clients. These projects have nearly always the same structure: An investor wants to buy a certain company (sometimes very high profile). Hence, a consultancy is ordered to conduct a due diligence analyses to find out if the acquisition is likely to be a profitable one.

We are supporting these due diligence analyses with market expert interviews. More precisely: We do cold calling. We search on our own for market insiders or experts for the market the project is about. We call these experts via phone and ask them questions about the market we are focusing on. This is done in very close collaboration with the top consulting companies on this globe. Think of us as an extension of their project team. In these projects, the markets we deal with have a wide range: Cars, car parts, pharmaceutical products, products from the building sector, health care, robots and many more. It is always a challenge to dive into new markets and learn to understand them. No prior knowledge of these markets is required. Rather the opposite, if you go in with a white sheet you are less likely to have a bias and are likely to get better results.

You can work from anywhere on this planet, from your home office, as long as you have a stable internet connection and Skype.

To give you an easy and good start into this kind of work we will give you a mentor who will be by your side to support you and help you with any questions you may have.

The work we do is highly dynamic and we don’t want to sugar coat it: That means that a project might be cancelled very spontaneous or the original timeframe will be shortened or extended for 1-2 days. Often the projects are very short term, often start the next day or the day after. However, the plus side is you are by no means required to work on a project. If you are free for the next project, great. If not, maybe the next project. The projects in general have a total duration of 3-10 days.

We pay per day and you are working on a freelancer basis. Normally one day lasts 8-10 working hours. (At the beginning usually a little longer because one has to get into everything). Furthermore your mentor will support you so you gain a suitable number of interviews and have a steep learning curve in your professional communication skills.

If you commit yourself for a project it is essential that you are able to work on the agreed days. There is also a certain degree of flexibility. E.G. if there is a 10 day project and one day wouldn’t work for you we might find a solution somehow but in general we need you every day, full day when you agree to a project assignment. Most projects are, however, between 3 and 5 days.

The advantages for these projects are the strong learning curve and you quickly learning to understand and analyse topics & markets, besides the fact that you can work fully remotely. Furthermore, you learn to react flexibly to unexpected situations – especially, and that will happen, when you are under pressure. This is a lot of responsibility but also a potential for priceless learnings. The secret for our success on the one hand is that we offer a good start due to the support of our mentors and on the other hand we foster the entrepreneur spirit to bring people as fast as possible in the situation that they can handle these projects on their own and become also a mentor for others.


– Bachelor’s degree or higher

– Strong communication skills in English (C2 or stronger)

– Native level communication skills in one (or more) of the languages stated above.


I hope this text gives you a first impression of what we are doing. We are looking forward to hearing from you! Please get in touch via [email protected] by providing a CV.

All the best,